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Voodoo Rituals: A User's Guide
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Voodoo Rituals: A User's Guide

Heike Owusu

Influence the unconscious mind. To practice Voodoo is to enter the ancient world of Magik, where secret arts developed from rituals held by ancient pagans, Native American tribes, Haitians, and Wiccans. Understand Voodoo’s underlying ideas and learn to make use of its powers with illustrated instructions and exercises. Use charms to bring good luck to your relationships, finances, and health--or curses to keep away harmful forces and persons. Make and employ the full range of sacred objects: dolls, candles, incense, ritual clothing, swords, knives, needles and nails, goblets, keys, mirrors, musical instruments, amulets, and masks, for charm or curse symbols to place in your room, car, or clothing. Breathing exercises enable you to enter trances, contact the unconscious and even the dead.

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